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About Heart Surgery

What is heart surgery like?

Heart surgery is about working with nature, not against it. For a surgeon, excellence in heart surgery requires patience, gentleness, precision, and careful attention to detail. It requires intuition and respect for the heart’s own capacity to get well, gain strength, and recover. For patients and families, heart surgery is one of life's most remarkable journeys. It is about much more than just recovery of the heart. It is about achieving renewed capacity, and reconnecting with the things that matter most to us.

Few things in life are based more on exceptional teamwork than heart surgery. The bonds of mutual trust and responsibility that form between patient, family, and surgical care team members are very special. Health professionals on the heart team are happiest when we are working in the service of  our patients in environments of excellence, respect, and commitment. Great teams have a natural flow and rhythm. As a patient and family member, you will become part of this. We will all help each other, together.

The heart is vividly beautiful, and remarkably strong. The heart wants to beat, more than two billion times in most lifetimes. In fact, every single heart muscle cell will contract and relax in its own intrinsic rhythm. That is what heart cells are meant to do.

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